Chief Lee Crowchild is known as an experienced consultant whose expertise is on government and corporate indigenous relations. A visionary and wise advisor, he brings direction and understanding from a First Nations perspective to any endeavour.

This website gathers his earlier articles and writings, along with new posts, talks and more. Chief Lee shares his perspective, reflections and stories with you from the eyes of a Tsuut'ina Chief.


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The ideas of Making Wolf

These will be my words to the National Chief of Canada in a couple of hours:   The things I have come to believe and what matters to me. The need for a Native Conscious re-strengthening. It arose out of the AIM days Jurisdiction, Capable Institutions of Governance, Culture, Strategic thinking, and Leadership. These all …

APTN: Lee Crowchild says transparency a big part of his bid for national chief

APTN Interview today – by Dennis Ward Link through for Full Video Interview: Former Xakiji (Chief) of Tsuut’ina First Nation Lee Crowchild says he will bring “transparency” and “integrity” to the office of the national chief of the Assembly of First Nations. “Got to be really transparent about everything, I never hid anything,” says Crowchild who was …

National Chief Brochure: Traditional Leadership

Now available: The brochure for my campaign for National Chief. Based on Traditional Leadership, advocating sovereignty. The outline of my campaign is listed here. Please feel free to download and share the pdf. Share and download the PDF here: National Chief Brochure Lee Crowchild

Lee Crowchild would like your support

Here it is, friends and supporters. You can help with the dialogue and direction of Canada’s future by helping me raise the needed funds. No contribution is too small. My strength comes from you. Together we can create a shared vision.   Please take a moment to check out my GoFundMe campaign:https://gofund.me/3fc3a9ddYour support would mean …

Interview with Ngaarda Media in Australia

Speaking on Ngaarda Media, Indigenous Radio across Australia Listen to the full interview HERE LEE CROWCHILD TALKS ABOUT THE BODIES OF OVER 200 FIRST NATION CHILDREN FOUND IN CANADA (Source: AP) Vigil for children   Grief swept across Canada last week after 215 bodies of children were found buried beneath one of Canada’s largest residential …

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How Can We Make It Better?

Chief Lee Crowchild

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Chief Lee Crowchild is well known for his innovative thinking and his ability to speak his mind clearly and without compromise. He is uniquely poised as a thought leader in these times when governments, associations, and businesses are looking to understand and apply a First Nations approach to their projects and initiatives. Whether as a …


The time is right for Canadian associations, businesses, boards and governments to come to the table together with First Nations. Chief Lee Crowchild brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to any board, enterprise, association or governing task force looking to incorporate a First Nations understanding in their approach. As a consulting advisor, Chief Lee …


As an accomplished public speaker, Chief Lee clearly presents  a First Nations worldview to any current concern. He applies both truth and humour to bring about understanding, cooperation and vitally needed change. Chief Lee has spoken to  groups, associations and gatherings across Canada. Whether as a guest speaker, panelist or keynote, Chief Lee inspires and …