There are times when not much makes sense even to the most sensible.

Gun case was in that same space. Even after years of helping and guiding people/events and thinking nothing of it, he also had his moments of sad reflection.

They all believed. They had to believe. If they did not believe in something what is left?

Gone were the days: …of thinking …. before believing… It was replaced with fear mongering. Shake the rattle, beat the drum, light the incense, wear the cross,. Fear Christianity. All of these led the people to believe in the words of oppression. Oppression that was passed on through the generations…

Put away the cross and replace it with a feather,, or even a braid of Sweetgrass. If you’re lucky someone with show up with a ceremonial pipe. All so you can believe and there will be no need to think.

Yes they sang the holy songs and spoke the words of the land and implored that people should follow the way back to a place they were before. A cornucopia of fantasy thoughts. A place where heaven and earth melded into one. See the ancestors of long ago. Let tears flow freely as the memories of a life well lived come rushing back.

This didn’t make sense to GunCase one bit.

His travels throughout the world said different.

Christianity had its stranglehold on everything. If it wasn’t Christianity then it was other forms of religion where control of the mind was at stake.

He had seen what war did to people. Prayer was at the Center of each opposing combatant’s mind as they sought to kill the other in the name of creation. He watched the effects of alcohol take the lifeblood slowly away from people as they fought society’s ambitions because they didn’t believe in it either.

Now the drugs are the same tool with the same outcome as bullets.

Bullets only do what they are asked to do and not anything more. That was the same as alcohol and drugs. They are only doing what is being asked of them and not anything more. They don’t reason or have judgements. But they know they possess a very strong medicine that they freely share with anyone who wants it.

He woke up this morning with the promises of tomorrow’s temptations. He was restless with the waiting. The scent of the winter filled made him feel sedated though. Getting all the yesterdays out of his mind was very taxing. What would happen if he really let go of them?

Leaving behind broken promises and people. Those that he cared for and loved.

Kunshi said it best when he was a small boy.

“I am teaching you to look after yourself because no woman is ever going to put up with you for very long…. You’re too crazy in that head of yours where nobody can reach.”

“People want to believe you but you cannot stay with them for very long. That is just the way it will be for you, I’m afraid”

“So you must teach them to think. Think for themselves. They should not believe you just because you said so.”

He thought about those words from so many winters ago, when innocence was the only thing he had to worry about.

Now they were all gone and only he remained with the memories in his head.

All his friends were caring and thoughtful but they knew they could only go so far in his mind before he would lock them out.

Along comes his horse waiting to take him to that next distant star with no apparent reason other than to just go there. He jumps on and feels the muscles move under him as the mouse-dun-coloured horse picks up a step and makes his way to the Milky Way. Back to creation. Back to the Old Woman and her Dog that wait for him to ask if he has done everything he needed to do while on earth.

He will reply he tried as best as he could and she will look him over and see.

Maybe its today… Maybe it’s tomorrow’s dream, but for now he is here and sitting with hopes of love.

Man!!!… reality sucks some days.

Today he will practice dancing with the holy people. It’s what Heyokas do after all.

Let’s put on some George Benson tunes on Spotify and play that air guitar. 

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