These will be my words to the National Chief of Canada in a couple of hours:
The things I have come to believe and what matters to me.
The need for a Native Conscious re-strengthening.
It arose out of the AIM days Jurisdiction, Capable Institutions of Governance, Culture, Strategic thinking, and Leadership. These all matter and this is what brings me here to talk before you.
The principles of Environment accountability, Economic Parity, Cultural and Social Impact, and Spiritual Sustainability.
The matter of the fact is that we are at the precipice of real truth telling. The ceremony told to me was that battles have to validated by both sides so no lies can be told and it honours the fallen and the brave deeds that both sides did. That is what we need to do now with Canada. Not just the Governments but all of Canada.
And we also need to look at our own involvement in this Feed the beast. The political system is lying to us. We know the predator, we see them feed on us, we are aware to starve the beast is our destiny. They are kind, they are polite, but they are never honest.
We need to reclaim our own memory and that is what the unmarked graves are signalling to us. The loss of being human is replaced by false prides. Thats why the drug and alcohol abuse prospers.
It isn’t enough to say I’m a traditionalist, or I can speak my language, or it’s all about respect. We have to understand tradition, culture, Sharing love. Thats the way it was a long time ago.
Economic Accountability
Economic Accountability has been a source of division where we should be seeking a shared vision that builds consensus on a path forward with better housing, jobs, water, education, health. Achieve that by gathering your own data with the OCAP acronym it means that each nation owns their own data and share it as the Nations see fit. This helps with justifying the real funding to the nations. You have all been underfunded for a very long time.
Economic Parity
We have the manpower/space and capabilities to be be part of the economics of our own economic recovery.
Where our attention and Intention goes so does our energy flow. We have to build sustainable energy to meet our needs for economic parity because this builds greater ownership and a sustained economic flow.
Support of Business
Charters to be established that effectively separates Politics from Business and breed FN ventures success. Have all the provinces invest in our economics by at least $1 billion. It’s a drop in the bucket. Get the technologies out to all communities where big corporations are not involved but the emergence of newer, faster and dependable technology is being used. In Alberta there is a FN equity that the nations with Casinos are part of, an equity sharing of resources with all the Nations in Alberta.
Social Community Impact
Greater employment outcomes brings more training and capacity building. rebuilds family systems and kinship lines. it will help achieve their dreams from the spirit world, nationwide healing pathway to address the broken chain of fatherhood. Respecting and supporting the woman leaders and chiefs voice because they are our backbone. Without it we will not move forward anymore.
Spiritual Sustainability
Living our truth of what we are meant to be because it has always been our compass point. Relatives of our past always help to guide us reclaiming our memory because civilization has tried to erase it.
My Vision for AFN – the need for a big reset.
AFN has to become relevant as the voices of Chiefs today have said all along. We have used Non-Native definitions and perspectives of defining our own sovereignty. We are all impacted by SEC 35 and others because it is based on racism and ignorance.
Ask Chiefs across this land to head up the needs of the Nations and use our own methodologies because our own FN laws are the deepest expressions of our culture and values.
We have to stop being harvested as a resource and cease talking about points of separation but rather we should have points of celebration.
We are embracing technology so we can talk with our real rights holders. Our community grassroots.
We have to stop shaming the settler state. They know what they did and they will continue to doing what they do. The settler state just doesn’t care. The despair is deep and it has always come out as self harm and lashing out. Individuals can show sympathy but they too are paralyzed with what to do. We can now build the bridges needed to talk truth and put reconciliation to the side for a while. Only until truth catches up.
Making Wolf….
The need for a Native Conscious re-strengthening. It arose out of the AIM days but it probably was with us all along.
Jurisdiction, Capable Institutions of Governance, Culture, Strategic thinking, and Leadership.
These all matter and this is what brings me here to talk before you. Now is the time for real Chieftainship to rise up and I/we/AFN will support that. I will call on Chiefs to assist me and I will in turn stand beside you all the way under your authority.

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