We are living in a time that no one has ever lived through before, Though through our history we have always survived major events that affect our Tsuut’ina LIfeways.

Small Pox, Tuberculosis, Spanish Flu, Residential School and other serious threats to us have all tested us and we have always come out the stronger for it.

This Covid-19 pandemic is yet another challenge that we will survive. I don’t need to watch the tv all day to notice the panic that is starting to occupy minds with concern or fear. Now is the time to find the balance in all of this so we don’t become overwhelmed with what we are witnessing at a global scale never seen before. People are dying and still some people don’t believe it as being as serious as it is.

The world experts on medicine are working as hard as they can to understand this and in time find out if there is a solution to help humans.

I have received numerous videos being shared with all sorts of theories and treatments and thoughts of government conspiracy. There have been many voices expressing their opinions. And that’s what they are. Opinions.

What matters here is that each and every one does what is being told by the media on self isolation and, also listening to our own Tsuutìna Emergency response team, Jody Two Guns and Crystal Big Plume. With the information they have been giving out to the community. They are working hard and doing a good job.

Our medicine people are taking care of our spirits with their call to prayer and those of the Christian faith are also doing strong prayers.

With all of this support it allows us to focus on our own well being and the safety of our immediate families.

Follow the procedures. It may be hard to not hug your family members because we all share love for each other but I am asking you to really practice giving space to everyone.

Closing our entrances may come in time but it is not the call to make yet. We are connected to the city much more than other communities and we have lived this way for a long time.

I am asking you all to limit your watching the news on any stories. Watch the news sporadically, Dont read all the Facebook posts because it only creates fear in our minds.

Spring is here, and regardless of what we are going through, the natural world is moving at its own pace and teaching us lessons.

The birds are returning. The snow is melting and quenching the thirst of our mother. The Earth. Grass will turn green sooner than we think. These are the Natural laws that govern us and we learned to live with it. Our ancestors taught us this. Now is your chance to teach your young children and adults.

This is a healthy practice. We have the time now to learn the lessons of the land. It’s good.

Trust the sitting Chief and Council that they are working in the Nations best interests and well being.

I am not the sitting Chief but I am still Xakiji and these are my wishes for my people.

Sending you love. Stay positive. Look after each other

Xakiji Lee Crowchild.

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