Chief Lee Crowchild is well known for his innovative thinking and his ability to speak his mind clearly and without compromise. He is uniquely poised as a thought leader in these times when governments, associations, and businesses are looking to understand and apply a First Nations approach to their projects and initiatives.

Whether as a guest speaker, panelist or keynote, Chief Lee inspires and awakens in any audience a desire to understand more, to act and to apply this way of thinking to life in the world today. As a consulting advisor, Chief Lee can quickly help a team to discover new approaches, some that may apply traditional knowledge for the 21st century.

Ideas he has posed over the years have become standards by which work can be measured. The Honourable Carolyn Bennett, Minister of Indigenous and Northern Affairs, addressing the Assembly of First Nations 38th Annual General Assembly (full text here) quoted him saying: “We need to undergo deprogramming from the cult of paternalism.” 

He is often sought-after by media for quotes and commentary on current events.

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