There are times when I am left at a loss on what to say. They are few and far between but this is one of those times.

Traveling to Kamloops with a retired Vice President of a bank we had the chance to talk. Talking about where do we put our feelings, What do we do. Something needs to happen but what?

He told his story of having his origins in Latvia. He told how his country was taken over first by the Russians and the the Germans at the height of the war and then the Russians came again to push the Germans out and bring in their Russian people.

2 Russian families for every single Latvian family. His family fled. Those that were left behind were killed. His whole history forever erased.

At first I just saw a Whiteman but I learned that he was much deeper than that.

Broken Hearts coming together with what is familiar.

Left over pain that is lost in the corners of our minds with wonderment of what do we do? How do I get rid of this anger that envelops me? These memories won’t quit from the consequences of having no choice.

Still our life carries on.

I stood at the microphone and saw the sea of orange colouring the landscape. People of all age groups. We knew how to be familiar with each other. . On the fringes White people and Sikhs wandered around shyly but wanting to somehow find an answer to their shock and pain.


215 grandparents, Uncles and Aunties that we never knew. That number will climb no doubt and the peeling of that onion will continue and will leave us raw for a passage of time. It always has.

I opened my mouth. Through the lump in my throat these words came out.

We still learn from these relatives. The rain that is falling is helping to wash away our tears and many are catching them for us.

The Sun is the love of the 215 shining down on us. The breeze is their breath telling us:

We are right here. We are just different but we have always been with you your whole life.

I think they are saying: Now we are showing you the evidence. The work from here is your responsibility now.

Have the courage and trust to believe in your DNA. Trust that because that is us that have transformed.

Yes we are 215 but there are many of us still waiting to be unearthed and ready to give you strength and love.

If we are serious then we should demand more. International investigations from other countries to do the searches and investigations. We are left with next to nothing trust in the Canadian Government as the politicians stumble along.

If they were really serious they would begin by taking away the Catholic Church’s “Not For Profit Status” as a starting point.

Life carries on and we have a choice or a chance to recognize us in this new Direction.

Maybe there are no endings but maybe, just maybe there are only beginnings.

Xakiji Lee Crowchild

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