I am working on a bit of a project with work I had done when I ran a dance company. One of our signature pieces was a tribute to warriors (also known as Soldier Boy) I am posting the words to the piece so it can be read but what I am asking for is pictures of your grandparents, Uncles, Aunties, cousins and who ever served in the armed forces one time or another.

Canadian or American doesn’t matter. It will be part of a bigger project but for now I will post them as part of a soundtrack.

It is time we really start to recognize the people who gave of themselves for militaries who have all but forgotten what we gave even in the face of oppression.

Here are the words:

Dear Mom
How are you? How’s dad?
How’s Grampa? and granny?
Me… I ‘m not too bad
pretty tired and pretty lonely though
We all are
I sure do miss you all
Since I been here they made me their scout
I guess because I’m an Indian Hunh?
They always call me chief too, But I’m not
I just want to be like every other guy
the other day,… When I was scouting
I imagined I was like the wolves and I was able to sneak up to the enemy
I could hear then talking,… they didn’t know I was there
I was Invisible
I must have pretty good medicine hunh?
There’s talk going around about a big battle but their always talking about big battles
I remember Grampa use to say:
When one warrior dies, another will rise
he always said it’s a good day to die
It’s always a good day to die
If,… If I die
Don’t,… Don’t cry for me too long
I always wanted to just do whats right
Be like the old ones
Who always looked after their people
Well,…. can’t say much else now
I gotta go;
Your Son

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