Sinagha nanis?i

They were calling in a song. He had better things to do but the song was loud and he couldn’t ignore it anymore. It was annoying because he was enjoying listening to Pink Floyd the whole day.

It was his job anyways. Being caught up in the job of backwardness is not an easy task to do.

So he flew up to visit his cousins. “Wakinyan,…. This a lazy day for me. Do you want to do me a favour?”

That man is asking for me to visit him but I think it is more important if you go down there first and help them. They have this idea that if they sing and dance long enough that they will get the answers they want.

Wakinyan replied: “I was going to go see them anyways. They are really trying to find love and a way to make an understanding of the life they live.”

They danced hard and Wakinyan was hard, firm, yet gentle, with them as he cleansed them with rain. Still they danced and sang and he was pleased to see them endure with tears in their eyes.

He flew on and left them there as creations light warmed them and brought ease to troubled minds and hearts. Somewhere in all of it hope emerged and took their hearts. Maybe they began to learn love.

Still they sang his song.


He suddenly stood in front of the fire that had been burning continuously for three days. How strange it was for him to suddenly be standing in front of a fire when just a few minutes ago Pink Floyd was belting out tunes on his IPod.

He had become human. His hands grabbed the rocks in the fire. He held them in his hands and watched the fire keepers add more wood into the fire to keep them hot. The rocks couldn’t burn him. After all he was a spirit. The rules are different in that world. Wakinyan had given him the marks of Thunder down his arms and across his body. The vibration made him float above the grass ever so slightly.

He stared at the fire and he floated into the arbour. He was being pulled by something he had not felt for awhile. What was it?

He remembered when he was a human a long time ago what people referred to him as. They all said he was just a silly man who always got into trouble. “Ha!… as if…. I did those things on purpose so they could learn and laugh at themselves. How can that be silly?”

Now they were all serious again. Thinking that they needed to find answers to what was affecting them in the human world. How arrogant can they be? he thought to himself. “Did they forget things that easily and quickly? The light skinned people weren’t there for very long anyways.”

Ancestors were quavering in the leaves as he looked up to the tree in the centre. They even danced in time with the drum. All the ancestors held on to the prayer ties that were tied to them and allowed them to blow in the wind. How grateful they were that they were not forgotten.

“Those are my great great great grandchildren down there dancing they said to him. See how beautiful they look?” He stared down and sure enough those humans were still dancing.

He looked at the ropes tied to the tree. Hmmm,… Boys gave an offering of their flesh to become men. Those young women dancing there in support of the next young human beings that are making their way into that world. Yes they are very beautiful. I have to agree with you. Your descendants are still trying to remember.

“Why are they sad?”

He held a bucket of water in his hand.

“If they did all this then I should try and trick them into drinking this water.” he thought… That is how I will test them to see if they are strong enough to live. It will be a good trick to play on them. I don’t have to answer to them. If they want to drink then they should. Who is going to notice? Who is going to care?”

“SINAGHA NANIS?I…” He yelled out as loud as he could

“SINAGHA NANIS?I… look into my eyes!!!!!…… This is what you asked for!!!!….”

You wanted hardship. I gave it to you

You wanted challenge. I gave it to you

You wanted hope. I gave it to you

You want resolution and reconciliation… how arrogant of you

“This is what you asked for and I gave it to you!!!!….”

you want love – you have to look at what you have become

“Here…. drink this water. Everything is done now. You got what you asked for”

The road to here was not easy and you all had many challenges. You asked too many questions about your ability and yet you still showed up here.

None of them accepted any water. They just danced and went into their dream worlds. They danced harder than ever.

“You haven’t forgotten about us at all”

“I am glad you passed this test”

“This life is the way it is meant to unfold.”

“In a beauty way you will walk now.”

He was back at the fire staring with interest into it and looking up at Wakinyan once more. He smiled again.

“The human beings will ask for us to help them from time to time. Not all of them but there will be some.”

He drifted up with the smoke and left the human world again. He couldn’t trick them once again but he always thought that the next time he will and left it at that.

Now where was he? What was he doing?…. Maybe I’ll go visit BB King and let him play some music for me. He carries a sweetheart named Lucille. She sounds like magic…..

(July 25, 2016)

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