I read a post from one of my many Facebook friends and the subject of warriors came up and the definition of what a warrior is, and what a warrior does.

The Magpie came and conversed with me many times recently, and I thought many thoughts that cover a wide range of topics. This one came to me:

Lifeways and Warriors

Our lifeways determine our interpretation of what is a Warrior. Those who have spent time within the correction system have a definite interpretation. So too do those that have lived a “Traditional life”. Who is to say either one is correct?  We associate that word with what we have lived. I was influenced by A.I.M. Back when I was young and impressionable.
That interpretation does not fit how recent actions have transpired. It is different because the voice is coming from our women and that makes a big difference.

What do I see?
Discussing the meaning behind the word. We all must determine how we want our young generations to carry on.
What do we want to give of ourselves? How to make things better? Is Hate the continuance? Anger? A whole plethora of words come to mind.

My great grandchildren will ask me why did people hate each other Isaah? (Tsuut’ina word for Grandfather)

Did you change it for the better?

Or were you too tired to do anything?

The magpie comforts me as it flies away for awhile.

(From May 6, 2013)

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