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I am not really fan of education as it is presented. Here is why….

When we say they “took our  horses”. What it means, for those that grew up in a horse culture, it was more than literally taking a horse, relationship to the horse. They took “the power of our culture”.
They “took our horses” and we continually asked for them back.

When we got them back they were not the same. They had changed them with language commands.

Building capacity. This is how they did it.

It is like grafting trees together.

There were two trees standing together. One got grafted and the other grew in its own. The one that grew on its own still survived.

Education is like grafting trees together. It appears stronger but it isn’t the same

Present Native education, like Grafting, is creating adaptability. It’s not the same. We are getting graduates that are yet another generation removed from the natural world.

Yet we freely give the responsibility to educators who did not grow up in our natural world.

The world continues and our indigenous scholars perpetuate the system.

They build capacity.

That is all.

Choose your arguments.

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  1. Good afternoon Xakija, I understand what you are saying, what I don’t understand is why are C&C still rounding up the wild horses? I know that we need to thin out the herd, but what horses don’t sell they’re going to the slaughter house. In my opinion they’re still taking our horses. Why can’t they be put altogether like our buffalo’s, not with the buffalo’s, but alongside of them. And get them all fixed, like the way they do with other wild horses in the mountains west of sundre or like the wild horses in America. Just my thoughts Xakija.

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