It’s always about hope by having a vision.

I have a vision for Tsuut’ina. A future where hope exists because we address the challenges that we have faced for a long time. Bullying, lateral violence, dispossession of the oppressed, and bring about positive change.

I cannot promise you any big per capita distributions because we have to stay a course. No one can promise that. But we can all share equally what our economic future will bring.

I have always advocated transparency and we began that journey by implementing laws and policies that make accountable the actions of personnel at all levels.

Education needs to be at the forefront at the same level as elder care. The wisdom of elders and young are all the same. Seen from the eyes of experience and innocence. Now we must make directed education at the elementary age so that we have success at our grade 12 graduation rates. This will breed more success as we strive for our own new hospital. It takes real focused educational goals.

The not too distant future brings hope of Tsuut’ina possibly co-hosting the Commonwealth Games in 2026. Wouldn’t it be great to see our young athletes given the chance to participate at the international level?

We will get people working at meaningful jobs with more training programs being made available. We will also get small businesses moving with the support they need. Small businesses will be the backbone that drives our economics. As a small business operator you can have the ability to hire your own family and prosper.

Our language has begun to come back stronger everyday. We are recognized for our focused work by many other Nations. That’s Tsuut’ina pride.

Food sovereignty is an immediate project we can come together on and look at feeding our community with large greenhouse operations that not only feeds us but also feeds the city.

Global warming is our reality and we will look at the creation of a solar farm so renewable energy is the norm we set and continue well into the future.

Our land, water and air are important and some Nation members know that with a passion. It comes out in their words. I admire Nathan Meguinis for standing by his conviction in all of that.

We have a long road and big task ahead of us but it is exciting.

There will be times when we may be a little scared and afraid but we will all stick together and push through. That’s the only way we can do it.

I am asking you to re-elect me on Wednesday. We will work together for the future.

PS. I give respect to all the candidates who have asked to be considered in this election. Best wishes. The community will decide.

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